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Now featuring ChessXpanse for Chess Players

Not an actual battle.

ChessXpanse, a skill game for two players 

Play with Timed Moves & Ranking.

Bet with Star Coins or choose not to.

Practice with our Bot (you will
almost always win).

Gain a place on our leaderboard.

Invite friends to play.

Be matched with players of similar skill level.

Play with QuickMatch or with a Pregame Negotiation.

Each game board rotates 4 different ways.
A Pawn moves the other direction in Ghost Mode.
The player who wins the majority of Battles, wins.

66 Battles (chess-like game boards).

•  Six board sizes which
    rotate four directions

•  Hybrid Wars
    alternate board sizes

•  Fast-paced action and
    shorter games

•  Constant threat
    of attack

•  Pawn Reborn moves
    instead of “promotion”

•  Three new “Magic

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Click here to download the Mac or PC version.

Awarded multiple
patents for ChessXpanse